3Ware Support for FreeBSD (fwd)

Bruce Pea pea at andrewpea.com
Wed May 28 10:54:45 PDT 2003

After reading MikeM's post to 3Ware I also emailed a comment. Below is 
the reply I received from David Graas, 3Ware Inside Sales Manager.

If you use, or know anyone using, 3Ware products I encourage you to send 
David a note.


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Date: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 9:21 AM -0700
From: David Graas <dgraas at 3WARE.com>
To: 'Bruce Pea' <pea at andrewpea.com>
Subject: RE: 3Ware Support for FreeBSD

Bruce, thanks for the input. Honestly, coming from the sales team we need
more input like yours to help justify the development of FreeBSD within
3ware. If you know of any other large FreeBSD customers using 3ware please
have them write in to us. Regards,

David Graas
3ware Inside Sales Manager
408-523-1036 direct
650-269-2972 cell
408-523-1001 fax
dgraas at 3ware.com

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From: Bruce Pea [mailto:pea at andrewpea.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 5:47 AM
To: C.T. Chu
Cc: David Graas
Subject: 3Ware Support for FreeBSD

Dear C. T. Chu,

I read a reply you recently sent to MikeM regarding 3Ware support for

We have been using your excellent products in our FreeBSD servers for the
past several years. We manage and administer approximately 230 servers,
all of them using 3Ware raid cards.

When we first starting using your products (5000 Series) we would have to
be less than truthful with your tech support staff (tell them we were
using linux) just to get them to talk with us. Fortunately we now have a
significant amount of experience with your products that we don't have to
rely on your tech support people so much anymore (but when we do we still
have to tell them we're using linux... ).

We would love to have current drivers and even more, device management

I urge you to please give FreeBSD support very serious consideration. And
give us some love man, the FreeBSD crowd is one of your biggest

Thank you for your consideration and for making such a fine product!

Bruce Pea, President
Andrew Pea, Inc.
Champaign, IL
pea at andrewpea.com

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