lpr -J

Antoine Jacoutot ajacoutot at lphp.org
Wed May 28 10:51:37 PDT 2003

Hi !

I have a question... I can't get "lpr -J blabla" to work, LPD doesn't 
seem to care whatever name I give to my print job.
Is it a known issue or am I the only one having this problem ?
My spooler is under FreeBSD-4.8-RELEASE and I tried the lpr command from 
different FreeBSD boxes (4.8, 5.0-p7) and I always get the same result:
called with arguments: '-w132', '-l66', '-i0', '-n', 'root', '-h', 
--> no job name, the -J option is just ignored.
The printing works though.

Thanks in advance.


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