Mouse on vacation?

Bob Perry rperry4 at
Tue May 27 18:20:11 PDT 2003

I was just on the web and my cursor disappeared.  It eventually came back
but was motionless.  I navigated out of X-Window and found an error message
repeated numerous times on the command line:

     5/27/  20:23:29 "machine name"/kernel: psmintr: delay too long:
resetting byte count

There was also an "out of sync" message which I failed to record.  I
rebooted twice and received similar messages.  On my last boot, the messages
ceased and the cursor sits motionless at the center of my X-Window screen.

All of my ported packages are current except bash and lcms.  Another story.

I assume the mouse has left the house but wanted to touch base with the
mailing list to see if anyone recognized this message as an indication of
something other than a mouse problem.

The mouse is not old but was a bottom-of-the-line two-button Basic Mouse
Serial and PS/2 Compatible Microsoft brand.  Replacement recommendations are
also appreciated.

Thank you.

Bob Perry

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