freebsd on an old compaq

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Tue May 6 13:53:35 PDT 2003

>On Tue, 6 May 2003 12:45:39  "Doug Poland" <doug at> wrote:
> > Charley <bsd at> said:
> >
> > I recently won a Compaq ProLiant 5000R in an auction on Ebay.  It
> > arrived yesterday and now I want to put FreeBSD on it. Unfortunately, > 
>I can't seem to find a way to cause the system to boot from the CD and
> > booting from the floppy returns an "Unexpected EOF" on the kernel
> > (kern.flp).  Is there something else that I need?
> >
>Check the BIOS for boot order or boot sequence and see if a CDROM
>device is in the list.  If it is, make it the first boot device and
>As for the floppy, I've seen the "Unexpected EOF" error because of
>old or bad floppy media.  Try brand-new floppy disks.

Hi Charley,

On one of the older compaqs I recently worked on, there was no BIOS setting 
for the boot device. Instead the system looked ahead at the disks to find 
bootable disks and booted them in the order: cd-rom, floppy, HD.

If that's the case, just put it in the drive and boot away. (Note that the 
disk has to be present during POST for this to work; put it in and reboot.)


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