Portable MP3 player integration with FreeBSD?

Daniel Bye dan at slightlystrange.org
Wed May 7 06:16:25 PDT 2003

On Tue, May 06, 2003 at 01:39:42PM -0700, Lee Damon wrote:
> Dan, 
> Are you using .4x or 5.x for this?  I've tried to get my Studio 20 working
> with 5.0-Current, but the umass driver doesn't pick it up.  If I
> have ugen compiled in it grabs the device, but if I don't then
> nothing does.  It looks like the entries for In-System Design haven't
> changed between the 4.x tree and the 5.x tree. There's an entry for
> INSYSTEM_USBCABLE in umass.c, but not for INSYSTEM_ATAPI which is what
> 0x0031 maps to in usbdevs.  (Adding INSYSTEM_ATAPI  to it generates
> a panic.)

I was using 4.7-RELEASE, and -STABLE, but since my PC blew up, I have been
using an iMac.  Never tried it with 5.x

AFAIR, I had both umass and ugen in my kernel conf.  usbd -d detected
connects, and occasionally I got a panic, but I can't offer anything more
than that, I'm afraid.


Daniel Bye

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