IPFW NATD access www server by name from the LAN side ?

jdroflet at canada.com jdroflet at canada.com
Sat Mar 29 14:22:37 PST 2003

FreeBSD 4.7 firewall with 3 nics. Public, DMZ, and LAN.
DNS,Bind is not running here.
www Public address is redirected to it's DMZ address.
The www server in the DMZ can be accessed by name from the Internet but
only by it's private DMZ IP address from the LAN side. Attempt to access
it by name from the LAN results in a 'page not found'.

When attempting to access the www by name from the LAN side tcpdump
shows traffic getting to the firewall but not redirected out DMZ nic. So
it's the firewall answering with the 'page not found'.

How can I redirect traffic to the WWW server from the LAN side ? 
Thanks, Jay.

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