question about pxeboot.

jason jason at
Sat Mar 29 14:20:48 PST 2003

hey folks.. hope yall dont mind 2 questions in the same day.. ;)
trying to set up pxe server on my freebsd box.
I have installed
isc-dhcp3-3.0.1.r11_1 (from ports)
the default tftp server in inetd.conf
pxe-1.3 (from ports)

im pxe client is an ibm t30 laptop and when I tell it to boot pxe, it gets
a dhcp address.. It appears to tftp download  the pxeboot file (which
is a big ole linux initrd created with
then after a short while it bombs with

tftp: too many packages
exiting intel boot agent

I searched and it seems that there is a 512K limitation for booting
images? The only option that Ive found is using

does this sound about right?


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