IPFW NATD access www server by name from the LAN side ?

Charlie Schluting charlie at schluting.com
Sat Mar 29 14:29:09 PST 2003

> FreeBSD 4.7 firewall with 3 nics. Public, DMZ, and LAN.
> DNS,Bind is not running here.
> www Public address is redirected to it's DMZ address.
> The www server in the DMZ can be accessed by name from the Internet but
> only by it's private DMZ IP address from the LAN side. Attempt to access
> it by name from the LAN results in a 'page not found'.
> When attempting to access the www by name from the LAN side tcpdump
> shows traffic getting to the firewall but not redirected out DMZ nic. So
> it's the firewall answering with the 'page not found'.

Well, actually your web browser is saying that... because it can't find
the page.

> How can I redirect traffic to the WWW server from the LAN side ?
> Thanks, Jay.

This is in the howto I followed (but I don't remember how)... there's
about 5 good ones that can be found via google.
Basically, you need to add a rdr rule to natd, if I remember correctly.

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