kernel panics, lots of them

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Mar 27 11:12:59 PST 2003

jaime at wrote:
[ ... ]
 >> There is memtest and cpuburn in the ports; try running those and see
>> whether you can get the system to crash.
> 	Just to verify before I run these programs in the middle of the
> work day:  The purpose of these programs is to try to crash the system,
> right?  :)

You should be prepared for the system to crash, yes.  :-)

Of course, the point of these tests is that your hardware _should_ be 
able to run them for days or weeks without any problems with system 
stability.  But if the system cooling/memory timing/etc is marginal, 
these will probably cause the system to panic within a few hours, which 
helps confirm where the problem lies...


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