kernel panics, lots of them

jaime at jaime at
Thu Mar 27 10:30:49 PST 2003

On Thu, 27 Mar 2003, Chuck Swiger wrote:
> jaime at wrote:
> > 	I have a box that has been having problems for months.
> > Originally, there were problems that were corrected by replacing the
> > mother board.
> What kind of problems did you have?  And what hardware?  It's quite
> possible to damage the CPU or even the power supply if the motherboard
> fails badly enough.

	At the moment, i.e. with the new mother board, RAM, and cable, It
P3 600MHz
256MB RAM (was 1 stick, now 2)
Tyan mother board (Trinity 400)
SCSI PCI card using sym0 driver (can't remember which card)
4 SCSI 18GB hard drives
1 SCSI DDS-4 DAT tape drive
1 EIDE 10GB hard drive
1 ethernet interface using fxp driver (Interl EtherExpress Pro/100)
1 PCI VGA card (can't remember what kind)
1 SCSI cable
1 80-pin EIDE cable

> There is memtest and cpuburn in the ports; try running those and see
> whether you can get the system to crash.

	Just to verify before I run these programs in the middle of the
work day:  The purpose of these programs is to try to crash the system,
right?  :)


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