Adding a KVM, what should I be aware of?

Victor Bondarenko vpb at
Thu Mar 27 09:29:47 PST 2003

> i have never been able to successfully keep the mouse working using 
> freebsd and Belkin KVM's.  The mouse works at first when you start up 
> the mouse daemon but if you switch KVM consoles to another box and then 
> switch back the mouse is all messed up and you have to manually restart 
> the daemon every time.  Other than that, if you are just doing server 

I recall having a similar problem with one of my boxes (although the
problem was not with a Belkin switch.)  The cables for my KVM have both
PS/2 and serial mouse connectors and IIRC using the serial plug took care
of my problem.


vpb at

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