Adding a KVM, what should I be aware of?

Octavian Hornoiu octavian at
Thu Mar 27 01:24:15 PST 2003

Victor Bondarenko wrote:

>On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 08:32:18PM -0500, Dragoncrest wrote:
>>putting it on the KVM.  I know some people have mentioned issues with that 
>>before, so I wanted to be ready and aware of any and all issues so I could 
>>nail them as they show up so I'm not ripping my hair out trying to solve 
>>issues relating to my KVM switch.  Thanks!
>FWIW, I've had no serious issues with my KVM (some type of an older
>It does seem that some machines have a problem using the mouse in
>Xwindows (mouse is jerky and all over the screen.)  I had to enable
>moused and use /dev/sysmouse (vs. using /dev/psm0 or whatever.)  Other
>than that no problems whatsoever.
>HTH, Victor
i have never been able to successfully keep the mouse working using 
freebsd and Belkin KVM's.  The mouse works at first when you start up 
the mouse daemon but if you switch KVM consoles to another box and then 
switch back the mouse is all messed up and you have to manually restart 
the daemon every time.  Other than that, if you are just doing server 
keyboard work then you will be fine.  I have used 3 different Belking 
models so this seems to be a recurring issue with them, don't know if 
this happens with other brands.  No problems with keyboard whatsoever.


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