Adding a KVM, what should I be aware of?

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Thu Mar 27 09:49:27 PST 2003

On 27 Mar 2003 at 1:22, Octavian Hornoiu wrote:

> i have never been able to successfully keep the mouse working using 
> freebsd and Belkin KVM's.  The mouse works at first when you start up 
> the mouse daemon but if you switch KVM consoles to another box and then 
> switch back the mouse is all messed up and you have to manually restart 
> the daemon every time.  Other than that, if you are just doing server 
> keyboard work then you will be fine.  I have used 3 different Belking 
> models so this seems to be a recurring issue with them, don't know if 
> this happens with other brands.  No problems with keyboard whatsoever.

FWIW, we use quite a few KVMs here for various purposes.  After trying 
a number of brands I've settled on the IOgear MiniView SE series and 
have been very happy with them.  Some (including the one here on my 
desk) are running FreeBSD and Windows together without a problem.  If a 
KVM is going to have a problem, the mouse is where I've always seen it 
show up.

Note that my experience only applies to the IOgear PS/2 KVMs. They also 
have them for USB, but I've not tried those.

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