How to produce debugging symbols?

Martin Moeller mm at
Wed Mar 26 20:06:36 PST 2003

Hello, everybody!

I have a rather general question on debugging.
I'm experiencing some problems with some programs on FreeBSD 5.0.
Because I'm quite a unix newbie, I can only write to some mailinglists
to ask if somebody knows what to do.

But I would like to take a few steps to solve my problems on my own. I
read something about gdb and kernel debugging, but find that somehow
disturbing. So I would like to ask a very *stupid* newbie question:

I can run a program within gdb, but I don't see the program's source 
code. I assume this is meant with debug symbols? How can I compile a
program with those debug symbols?

Any help appreciated!
Martin Möller <mm at>
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