ssh and rsync without password

Michael K. Smith mksmith at
Wed Mar 26 20:08:48 PST 2003


You should be appending your keys to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.  The steps in
your previous message were correct.  To reiterate.

1) Generate your keys on your local machine:
	- ssh-keygen -t rsa
2) When prompted for a password, do not enter one.  This will generate a
password-less key called id_rsa, and a public key
3) Copy the key over to the machine you want to ssh to.  NOTE:
change the filename first or you may overwrite your existing RSA key for
your remote host.  Like this:
	- local: cp local.key
	- scp local.key remote:
	- cat local.key >> .ssh/authorized_keys

At this point, your remote machine should accept a passwordless login from
that "local" machine.


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