How to produce debugging symbols?

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Wed Mar 26 20:11:55 PST 2003

In the last episode (Mar 26), Martin Moeller said:
> I have a rather general question on debugging. I'm experiencing some
> problems with some programs on FreeBSD 5.0. Because I'm quite a unix
> newbie, I can only write to some mailinglists to ask if somebody
> knows what to do.
> But I would like to take a few steps to solve my problems on my own.
> I read something about gdb and kernel debugging, but find that
> somehow disturbing. So I would like to ask a very *stupid* newbie
> question:
> I can run a program within gdb, but I don't see the program's source
> code. I assume this is meant with debug symbols? How can I compile a
> program with those debug symbols?

If it's your program, recompile and link with the -g commandline switch
added.  If it's a base FreeBSD program (or port), edit the Makefile and
add a line reading "DEBUG_FLAGS=-g" (this will compile with -g and also
no strip the debugging symbols when the binary gets installed).

	Dan Nelson
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