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Fri Jun 20 11:33:48 PDT 2003

Thats sad, i cant believe Microshit is able to exploit others technology. I guess in this world it will always come down to politics and money. As Mr. Franklin said" there are always two things in life you can count on, death and taxes". I am all for opensrc code, however i think the GPL and opensrc community should change their license to disallow government and large companies from taking the technology and using it for their own profit and or against us. Look at Sun and IBM, they all have their own brand of linux and several are using linux and bsd servers / computers to support their business. They take, take and take but give nothing in return.  I say change the license and make them shell out millions on inferior proprietary operating systems such as slowaris.

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> wrote:
> > I was wondering what browsers and java seem to work the best. I need to 
> > do online banking and would like to use java applets such as the 
> > I have tried both mozilla and netscap with suns current 
> > java-runtime and have found them to be extermetly unreliable. I wanted to 
> > switch from windows to unix for about 2 yrs but could never find a 
> > solution to java, and that remains the case after 3 yrs. Why is good java 
> > support in browsers so difficult in unnix, seeing  how java started its 
> > life in the unix community. I cat believe windows and internet explorer 
> > is actually better at java then unix.
> >
> > Any good lightweight browsers other than netscape, mozilla or opera that 
> > work with java?
> >
> > Thanks in ./adv
> Sorry that I haven't used Java enough in FreeBSD to answer your question 
> about browsers (my rural area limited to 28.8K dialup and satellite; 
> latter's too expensive, so installing Java is the work of days).  I can at 
> least tell you, though, that the unreliability you see is simply due to 
> MS's 'hijacking' of Java by use of a non-standard VM.  Because of IE's 
> market share, the sites you want to use all are tested and work with IE's 
> non-standard Java, but that's not the case for Sun's or IBM's standard 
> versions.  Hmm, so maybe I've answered your question anyway - any non-IE 
> browser will have difficulty on many "Java" Web sites because it's not 
> using IE's virtual machine.
> Jud
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