Totally newbie - install problems

Kevin Stevens Kevin_Stevens at
Thu Jun 19 15:03:41 PDT 2003

But I need other
> packages
>  like "wxPython", "PyCrypto" and others for my work. I know I can download
>  the source code and compile them. I could also find binaries but the
> dependency tree is endless (and I had version problems too). I read the
> comparison where someone said FreeBSD is even better than Debian in
> this matter. This was one reason why I decided to use FreeBSD. I know
> the solution is out there but I don't know where it is.

You want the "ports" collection; located by default in /usr/ports.  If you
didn't install it initially, you can do so with sysinstall.  Ports are
source code bundles along with FreeBSD tweaks and installation defaults. 
You want to use "cvsup" to update the port information database regularly,
and it's recommended that you use the "portupgrade" utility to handle port
interdependencies.  See the FreeBSD handbook for details on the above.

Having done so, my routine for updating all 100+ applications on my
machine is reduced to:
cvsup-ports  ; Make sure my ports database is up-to-date
pkgdb -F     ; Make sure my installed packages database is consistent
portupgrade -ra  ; Download, compile, and install all updated applications

BTW, both the apps you specified are indeed in the ports collection


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