Totally newbie - install problems

Nagy László Zsolt nagylzs at
Thu Jun 19 14:49:27 PDT 2003

    Hi All!
 I'm totally new to FreeBSD. I used Linux before but I decided to try 
 FreeBSD. I just downloaded FreeBSD 4.8 from a public ftp site and 
 installed a brand new system with X and full development tools. I have 
 some questions. 
 I read about the differences between Linux and FreeBSD. I like the idea 
 that there is only one official FreeBSD. I'm going to develop cross platform, 
 multi tiered applications using Python and it is nice to have a free  and 
 compact system  which I can offer to my clients. But I need other packages 
 like "wxPython", "PyCrypto" and others for my work. I know I can download 
 the source code and compile them. I could also find binaries but the dependency
 tree is endless (and I had version problems too). I read the comparison where 
 someone said FreeBSD is even better than Debian in this matter. This was one 
 reason why I decided to use FreeBSD. I know the solution is out there but I don't
 know where it is.  I'm looking for the FreeBSD equivalent of apt-get in Debian. 
 Probably I will need to setup several client computers in the end, so an 
 automated installation would be the best (download and install required 
 packages/ports for the selected package/port automatically). 
 Can you help me?
 Sorry for the long e-mail.
 Thanks in advance.
  Laci 1.0

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