NFS weirdness...

jle jle at
Thu Jun 19 14:47:39 PDT 2003

> As a diagnostic step:
> Boot up the system, and then try to manually mount the filesystem with
> the command 'mount /usr/src'.  If this works ... it pretty much confirms
> that your /etc/fstab syntax is correct.  If it doesn't work, focus on
> /etc/fstab as the problem.
> HTH.
> --
> Bill Moran
> Potential Technologies

Thanks Bill, but as I said mounting it manually works fine so I doubt it's

>>><manually mounting works>
>>>mount NFSD:/home2 /home

So that also pretty much clears NFSD too /etc/exports works as evidenced
in showmounts -e <host> and that I can manually mount it from HTTPD. I
also serve homes via Samba on NFSD, that wouldn't interfere with NFS,
would it?

Again, since it's buried, here are my exports and fstab.

on NFSD:
/home2           -maproot=0 -alldirs     httpd

NFSD:/home2              /home           nfs     rw,bg           0       0

Since it mounts manually but not automatically on reboot, I'm still stuck.


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