Totally newbie - install problems

Simon Barner barner at
Thu Jun 19 15:04:28 PDT 2003


> But I need other 
> packages like "wxPython", "PyCrypto" and others for my work. I know I can 
> download the source code and compile them. I could also find binaries but 
> the dependency
> tree is endless (and I had version problems too). I read the comparison 
> where someone said FreeBSD is even better than Debian in this matter. This 
> was one reason why I decided to use FreeBSD. I know the solution is out 
> there but I don't
> know where it is.

This is where the ports collection comes into play:

First you can search it for the desired port:

% cd /usr/ports
% make search name=wxPython

Port:   py22-wxPython-
Path:   /usr/ports/x11-toolkits/py-wxPython

% cd x11-toolkits/py-wxPython
% make install clean

(PyCrypto is also avialable in that collection).

For more information regarding the ports collection you should consult
the handbook and/or ports(7).

  I'm looking for the FreeBSD equivalent of apt-get in 
> Debian. Probably I will need to setup several client computers in the end, 
> so an automated installation would be the best (download and install 
> required packages/ports for the selected package/port automatically). 

You can build your own packages with the ports collection (just use make
package instead of make install).

But if the machines will have exactly the same disk layout, setting up a
master and cloning it with dd(1) might be more efficient.


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