FreeBSD and SATA

Erik Steffl steffl at
Tue Dec 16 15:10:34 PST 2003

Robert Wall wrote:
> I've got a Serial ATA setup, nice shiny new Dell machine here.  I'm
> attemptiong to do a floppy-based FreeBSD install.
> I get through loading the kern disk, and it prompts me to insert the
> mfsroot disk.  When I insert the mfsroot disk, it does a hardware probe,
> and chokes.  It tells me that filesystem / is full, and tosses up a kernel
> panic.  I believe the message is "not going anywhere without my init".
> Does anybody have any ideas as to what might be wrong here?

   not sure about freebsd support for sata but at least some bioses have 
option to make sata look like ide (look for legacy or something like that)


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