Trouble with installing FreeBSD to a laptop

Odd Rune Strømmen oddrune at
Tue Dec 16 14:38:17 PST 2003


I'm having some troubles with installing FreeBSD on my laptop. I've tried
both FreeBSD 5.1-RC1 and FreeBSD 5.2-RC1, and the installation fails both
times, though differently.

My laptop is a HP Omnibook XE3 and according to this webpage (  
)  it should work.

So onto the interesting stuff..

It doesn't really fail on installing, it's more accurate to say that it
fails while loading the kernel and starting the different devices. It fails

Fatal double fault:
eip = 0xc07c7a40
esp = 0xc91e3000
ebp = 0xc91e4800
cpuid = 0; apic id = 00
panic: double fault
cpuid = 0;

Now, I've been programming ASM for a few years, and I recognize the
registers, eip, esp and ebp and the hex-values that has been put on them,
but i can't seem to figure out the why the kernel panics (I'm just guessing
that it does, am I correct?)

When the 5.1 kernel fails, it spouts out some jibberish that i think might
have something to do with the CD beeing bad, I won't get into that one right
now as i should probably investigate that case a little myself before i post
it to the list.

The funny part is that I've installed FreeBSD 5.1-RC1 to this exact same
computer before (5.1-RC1 that is), but a job required me to install winXP
and that was done, on a short time basis.  Now that I want to go back to
FreeBSD.. well. I've probably made my point clear. I can't get it in.

Does someone have any idea about this error message, or can help me with at
least understandig why the kernel panics? (Assuming that it does... It syncs
the discs right afterwards and then reboots after 5 minutes of idling.)

Odd Rune Strømmen

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