Using Digital Video Out under FBD

Dragoncrest dragoncrest at
Sun Aug 31 17:35:14 PDT 2003

         I'm guessing by the relative degree of silence on this that this 
isn't supported on Freebsd yet?  All I need is a simple answer one way or 
another.  If it's not, I'll leave it at that.  If it is, I'll keep 
searching.  Links to FAQ's would be useful, but just a yes or no will 
suffice at this point.  I'm wanting to export the video to VHS and possibly 
preview it on a TV because I'm doing a digital media presentation and I 
don't want to haul that beat of a windows box I have around with me to the 
presentation.  I'd rather take my SFF with me, but that's running Freebsd 
using a GF3 ti200 card, which presents me with my problem.

         Thanks for any help on this at all.

At 10:13 AM 8/31/03 -0700, Dragoncrest wrote:
>         Hi all.  I went searching around tonight trying to find 
> information on how to do Digital Video out on my GF3 ti200 under Freebsd, 
> but found nothing.  The only link that came up in my search had nothing 
> to do with what I wanted to do.  What I'm wanting to do is to use the DV 
> (digital video) out jack to export video from my computer to a VCR and a 
> TV.  Just wondering if it will work as is in a plug and go configuration, 
> or is there something special I have to do?  Pointers, guides or 
> suggestions welcome.  Thanks.
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