How to get CUPS to work (newbie)

Todd Stephens tbstep at
Sat Aug 30 20:37:10 PDT 2003

I have CUPS installed on my 4.8 system.  I cannot seem to configure it, 
though.  I have tried the web interface at localhost:631, but it seems 
that the cupsd.conf file was not created.  Well, then I tried to create 
this using the print server configuration in KDE and I keep getting 
permission denied errors when I try to write the cupsd.conf file 
(running this as root, btw).

Basically I am looking for a tutorial somewhere to get CUPS up and 
running on FreeBSD.  Actually, I do have it running, I just can't 
configure it or add any printers.  Not much use without printers :)

I checked on, and the CUPS page there doesn't cover the 
configuration of the server itself it seems.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Todd Stephens

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