no root login after changing shell

David Landgren david at
Wed Aug 27 10:04:31 PDT 2003

thomas may wrote:
> Hi,
> i wanted to change the shell for user root to bash.

This is not a good idea. You don't want to use a shell on a partition 
other than / (e.g. /usr, /usr/local) for root. If those partitions, or 
shared libraries like libc, get trashed, you are in a world of pain.

Much better is to continue to use /bin/sh (or whatever other 
statically-linked shell takes your fancy) by default. Then, when you 
want the comfort of bash, all you have to do is run

	exec bash

from the command line and voila! you're using bash. This is how all my 
servers are set up. 10 keystrokes is a small price to pay for peace of 


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