no root login after changing shell

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Wed Aug 27 09:04:49 PDT 2003

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> i wanted to change the shell for user root to bash.
> in the freebsd online handbook i found this command:
> # echo "/usr/local/bin/bash" >> /etc/shells
> but what i didnt know at this moment, that i have to install bash
> before.
> so i logged of as user root and get now on login the following error:
> su: /usr/local/bin/bash: No such file or directory
> can anybody please help me ...
> thanx

Type 'boot -s' at the 10 second count down to boot to single user mode, it
should ask you for the shell you want to use I think, the default being
/bin/sh so you should be able to hit enter. You'll have to mount your
partitions read/write, something like `mount -rw /`, if /usr is a seperate
partition I think you will also need to mount this for vi and such... you
should then be able to type `chsh -s /bin/tcsh` (on second thoughts maybe
you don't need vi for this) to change the shell for root back, reboot and
login (unless I missed something out) :o)

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