Intel L440GX+ Server Board - Temperature Monitoring

Holger Kunst hkunst-freebsd at
Tue Aug 26 21:17:22 PDT 2003


I am trying to get fan RPM, temperature & voltage readings from Intel 
L440GX+ server board (VA Linux 2200 Box) on FreeBSD 4.8. The board does 
come with an integrated monitoring subsystem (BMC) which is supposed to 
have IPMI management capabilities.

Doug White's IPMI tools ( for 
FreeBSD could be an option, but the board is not listed as tested and I was 
unable to get any readings from the board. I have tried both KCS and SMIC 
drivers and it appears that the board has a KCS interface as kcs.c reports 
"Current KCS state: 0x0 (0x0) : IDLE_STATE". According to the readme a 
status of 0xff indicates not supported so a result of 0x0 looks like it is 
supported. -k -c reports "******* Error getting chunk at len 21 (0x0)"

Has anybody tried this on a L440GX+ board?

I have also tried to read sensor information directly from the SMB bus. 
/usr/ports/sysutils/consolehm can read senor information from the PIIX4 SMB 
bus, but that does not deliver valid data:

chm -I
Using ISA Method.
Motherboard Temperature: 255 ° C
CPU_0 Temperature: 0 ° C
CPU_1 Temperature: 0 ° C
VCore:   3.98438 V
Vit:     3.98438 V
Vio:     3.98438 V
+5V:     6.65391 V
+12V:    15.9375 V
-12V:    -15.9375 V
-5V:     -6.65391 V
Fan 1: Not Available
Fan 2: Not Available
Fan 3: Not Available

If I try the chm -S method (with SMBUS support compiled into the kernel) I 
get a "Device not configured" error message.

Has anyone been able to get monitoring readings from this board? Any 



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