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William Bloom wbloom at eldocomp.com
Tue Aug 26 22:16:14 PDT 2003

I finally tracked the timezone offset shifting problem down to
icaltime.c  I am working with version 1.4.4 sources. The problem is as

When the summary view is selected (sometimes other views as well, I
suspect) some steps are done that require temporarily setting the
timezone to UTC.  So set_tz() is called to change the TZ environment
variable to "TZ=UTC" using setenv(), then unset_tz() is called to put
the TZ environment variable back the way it was afterward.  Now, in
FreeBSD, the TZ environment variable usually doesn't exist because
tzset() typically just works from /etc/localtime.  In this case,
unset_tz() is supposed to simply remove TZ from the environment.  It
does this using putenv("TZ") (SVR4 convention?).  However, this has no
effect in FreeBSD (the FreeBSD-ish technique for deleting an
environment variable is unsetenv("TZ")).  So when the (usual) case
arises of there being no TZ environment variable when Evolution is
started in FreeBSD, then TZ=UTC ends up being inserted into the
environment whenever certain views are selected and is never deleted

The solution (untested anywhere but on my FreeBSD desktop) seems to be
to change putenv("TZ") to unsetenv("TZ") in...


According to man pages, this is valid for Linux as well as FreeBSD
although I notice that early Solaris systems lack unsetenv().  I don't
have a recent vintage Solaris system to check.

Or an easy workaround would be to simply add TZ to the environment
before running Evolution.


On Sun, 2003-08-24 at 22:11, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-08-24 at 18:33, William Bloom wrote:
> > I've just installed the Evolution 1.4.4 port and I'm generally
> pleased,
> > with reservations.  I've encountered the inbox permission problem
> > reported in other posts to freebsd-questions, but also I've noticed
> that
> > there seems to be a date/time formatting problem in the message
> summary
> > view that's not been mentioned in earlier posts.  For that matter,
> I've
> > seen nothing referencing this problem in the issue list at
> > http://developer.ximian.org/projects/evolution.  The symptom is that a
> > message's date/time is shown as expected when the view is first
> > displayed after Evolution startup.  But if -any- other view is
> displayed
> > (i.e. Summary), then on return to the message summary the date/times
> all
> > are evidently displayed with a UTC time offset (0) instead of the
> > correct one.  Once this occurs, the date/time never returns to the
> > current offset until Evolution is stopped and restarted.  Has anyone
> > else seen this as well, or know a workaround?
> Ah, that's the catalyst.  There have been numerous reports of this
> problem, but I was never able to reproduce it.  Switching views is the
> catalyst.  I suspect this is not a FreeBSD bug, but now that I have a
> definite catalyst, I will take this to the Ximian people, and see what
> they have to say.
> Joe
> > 
> > Bill
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