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Chris racerx at
Thu Aug 21 06:17:26 PDT 2003

Hiya folks,

	As I use my FBSD box at home more and more each day, my Windows box is used 
less and less. That is a good thing.  I would like some recomended mail 
clients that run on both my FBSD box and to run on my Window box. 

	Idealy, they ought to be able to import/export mail to each other.
As an added feature, but not entirely needed, the Windows version might be 
able to import mail from Outlook?

	I still need my Windows box to access work via a PIX, but for now, Outlook is 
the only MS product (besides the OS) that's on it. OpenOffice is the Office 
package I am using and demoing for work. 

	I hope that with at least RC4 of OOo, I'll be able to sway the department 
heads on that. However, I would need an email client to replace Outlook also. 

Any suggestions would be cool.

Best regards,

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