PPPoE clent trouble under 5.1

Andrew A. Khlebutin andrey at hm.perm.ru
Thu Aug 21 06:11:56 PDT 2003


I try to establish connection through PPPoE from my home PC but do not
succeed  ;-(.  I  read  related  section  of  handbook               -
and http://renaud.waldura.com/doc/freebsd/pppoe/.

Any ideas?

ppp logs here - http://hydra.pstu.ru/andrew/pppoe.txt

Maybe other PPPoE clients exist for FreeBSD?

P.S: PPP Version 3.1, FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE-p2

    set log All
    set timeout 0

    set device PPPoE:xl0
    set authname "mylogin"
    set authkey "mypass"
    set mru 1492
    set mtu 1492
    disable ipv6cp
    set ctsrts off
    set speed sync
    enable lqr
    set dial
    set login
    add default HISADDR
    enable dns
    enable proxy
    disable acfcomp protocomp

Best regards,
Andrew A. Khlebutin

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