/dev/dsp inaccessible

Tiarnan O'Corrain ocorrain at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 20 02:33:55 PDT 2003

--- epilogue at attcanada.ca wrote:
> unfortunately, i don't have an *.raw files to try so i simply tried
> to cat somefile.wav > /dev/dsp  (and also to /dev/audio)
> both produce sound a screeching sound reminiscent of japanese noise
> bands   :)

That's good sign! It shows the device is configured. Do any of
the command-line tools work... mpg123 &c? Try setting the
sound device explicitly (eg mpg123 -a /dev/dsp foo.mp3). Try
it also as root.

> cat /dev/sndstat
> FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm)
> pcm0: <ESS Technology Maestro-2E> at I/O port 0x1400 irq 5 (4p/0r/4v
> channels duplex)

~(0)% cat /dev/sndstat
FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm)
Installed devices:
pcm0: <ESS Technology Allegro-1> at io 0x3000 irq 5 (4p/1r/0v channels

There was a post yesterday explaining this. Apparently the driver
doesn't support recording (yet).

It seems to me that the driver is working, and that your problems
are somewhere higher in the stack.


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