vinum config info stays intact during reinstall?

Aaron Wohl freebsd at
Sat Aug 16 16:14:12 PDT 2003

It doesnt use swap.  It uses an area at the front of each vinum partition
to list the config.  Thats so you can take all the disks out of the
machine and put them back in in any old oder and it works.

On Sat, 16 Aug 2003 17:51:14 -0500, "Hari Bhaskaran"
<subscr at> said:
> Hi,
> I reinstalled one of my machines that had vinum running
> (wiped & installed 5.1) and vinum was able to pickup the 
> drives/plexes etc right after I started vinum. Can I rely
> on this feature? or should I use resetconfig & create
> again?
> If vinum stores its info somewhere hidden in the swap, I 
> would have expected it to disappear after a reinstall 
> ( I didn't re-create slices or partitions, left them as
> they are during the re-install).
> this is not really a problem - I am just trying to figure
> out if vinum is pointing to an area that may get claimed
> by swap later. I wouldn't want it to fail later on.
> Any help is appreciated.
> --
> Hari Bhaskaran
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