vinum config info stays intact during reinstall?

Hari Bhaskaran subscr at
Sat Aug 16 15:57:56 PDT 2003


I reinstalled one of my machines that had vinum running
(wiped & installed 5.1) and vinum was able to pickup the 
drives/plexes etc right after I started vinum. Can I rely
on this feature? or should I use resetconfig & create

If vinum stores its info somewhere hidden in the swap, I 
would have expected it to disappear after a reinstall 
( I didn't re-create slices or partitions, left them as
they are during the re-install).

this is not really a problem - I am just trying to figure
out if vinum is pointing to an area that may get claimed
by swap later. I wouldn't want it to fail later on.

Any help is appreciated.

Hari Bhaskaran

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