Mail client (Virtual users/domains)

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Fri Aug 8 14:12:30 PDT 2003

Hello everybody,

   Iam on FreeBSD 4.8-R, I have ubimiaw Web mail client installed, but its 
   It cannot take virtual Users and read the Mail inbox/dir for it plus 
diffrent bad effects.

   I want to have installed a web mail client which can read the virtual 
   what should i do in steps please?

   If i install postfix? it replace sendmail rite?

   okay. what i should do next ? for enabling virtual users mails? shall i 
install vpop?
   If yes, so what Web Mail client i should install ? (other than SqWebmail) 
   If there a need for any athentication daemon?

   Is this in order? postfix -> vpop -> WebMail client -> Athentication 

   Is there any Web Admin, for postfix? such (QmailAdmin) ?

  Iam lil bit missed by the steps, and what should go first.

   Sorry for such long questions, and sorry if this not a rite list.
   But Iam looking for advises.


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