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I am running a virtual users setup using exim ( and
vm-pop3d. Works like a dream. For a webmail client, im using imp
( Works very nicely aswell, with lots of nice addons.
If you use a different MTA then it will replace Sendmail. I dont know about
a Web Admin package for exim (?), but its easy enought to configure using
command line. I never touch my exim.conf file. I only edit a pop3-domains
file, which contains domains that i pop for, and an aliases file for each
domain that i host for mail forwarding etc.

The way it would work on my system would be:

remote pc --> exim --> mailbox --> vm-pop3d <--> client (using virtual

Your pop3 daemon should do the authentication for you, if you are not using
virtual users, then it will look at any users you have added to your system,
if you have virtual users, it will look into how you have set it up for
usernames and passwords.



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Hello everybody,

   Iam on FreeBSD 4.8-R, I have ubimiaw Web mail client installed, but its
   It cannot take virtual Users and read the Mail inbox/dir for it plus
diffrent bad effects.

   I want to have installed a web mail client which can read the virtual
   what should i do in steps please?

   If i install postfix? it replace sendmail rite?

   okay. what i should do next ? for enabling virtual users mails? shall i
install vpop?
   If yes, so what Web Mail client i should install ? (other than SqWebmail)
   If there a need for any athentication daemon?

   Is this in order? postfix -> vpop -> WebMail client -> Athentication

   Is there any Web Admin, for postfix? such (QmailAdmin) ?

  Iam lil bit missed by the steps, and what should go first.

   Sorry for such long questions, and sorry if this not a rite list.
   But Iam looking for advises.


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