How can I check for swap space? (4.8-Release)

John Mills johnmills at
Thu Aug 7 18:34:44 PDT 2003

Freebies -

Back again, still thrashing. Naturally the usual hangups for a new 
installation are X-windows and networking, then printing. Networking is 
fine, and I don't plan to hang a printer on this box. That leaves &*^%!! 

On Thu, 7 Aug 2003, John Mills wrote:

> I will mostly run services and ssh console sessions, so that might be
> enough. However I also wanted to run some lightweight X11 setup so I
> installed 'fvwm2' and have a 'mostly working' XF86Config. When
> [ordinary-user] I execute 'startx' the system gradually fills all of RAM
> and swap then locks up the X-server. Granted my space is small, but this
> still looks wrong to me.
> My '~/.xinitrc' is a one-liner: "exec fvwm2".

Now it just says: "fvwm2"

Same result, perhaps a bit slower. The X11 display is badly formed in two 

1) It looks as though horizontal sync is not solid, because I see two 
overlaid images on the screen, so the letter "I" looks like: "II", and

2) The cursor on the screen is displaced from its "logical" position, so 
that buttons are highlighted when the cursor moves to some point far from 
where the button appears on the screen (and "click" there brings on the 
appropriate response).

> Any ideas what's happening?

Yes, well ... any ideas?

 John Mills
 john.m.mills at

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