fxp0 only 300Kbits/sec ?

Mike Hogsett hogsett at csl.sri.com
Tue Aug 5 13:34:14 PDT 2003

I am having a strange problem.

I have this new Cisco Catalyst 2940T-24.  On it I have 6 FreBSD/x86 boxes.
The first 5 are running great.  The 6th is only getting 300Kbits/sec out
of its interface, but ... not right away after a reboot.  I rebooted the
host Saturday afternoon and I was again getting about 80Mbits/sec.
Saturday night's backups ran great, and fast.  So did Sunday's backups.
But last night's backups are still running.  My mrtg traffic graphs show
that it is only getting 300Kbit/sec out of its interface.  I confirmed
this with an FTP directly to the host a few minutes ago (after killing off
the backups).

Nothing is mentioned in /var/log/messages.  The switch claims the port is
running at 100Mbits, full-duplex, as does the output of
ifconfig. Suggestions?

 - Mike Hogsett

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