IRC server recommendations?

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Tue Aug 5 13:21:45 PDT 2003

> Hello all,
> We have a dedicated server that is running FreeBSD 4.8.
> We need to run an IRC server off of it. File sharing needs to be turned
> off. Nicknames and rooms should able to be registered.
You can use EFNet/dalnet's ircd, check in /usr/ports/irc or packages/irc.
if you dont need nick-registrations ircu will probaly work better, you can
install GNUWorld with web-interface and get "Undernet's X".

> In addition, how do I set up a subdomain pointing to it? (For example,
If you host the domain yourself(DNS) and using BIND you can add to zone-file:
irc IN A your.ip.address
irc IN CNAME your.hostname.
If you dont host it yourself, you need to do it where you have registered
the domain. Most have a web-interface to do it.

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