fxp0 only 300Kbits/sec ?

Ryan Thompson ryan at sasknow.com
Tue Aug 5 16:58:42 PDT 2003

Mike Hogsett wrote to freebsd-questions at freebsd.org:

> I am having a strange problem.
> I have this new Cisco Catalyst 2940T-24.  On it I have 6 FreBSD/x86
> boxes.  The first 5 are running great.  The 6th is only getting
> 300Kbits/sec out of its interface, but ... not right away after a
> reboot.  I rebooted the host Saturday afternoon and I was again
> getting about 80Mbits/sec.  Saturday night's backups ran great, and
> fast.  So did Sunday's backups.  But last night's backups are still
> running.  My mrtg traffic graphs show that it is only getting
> 300Kbit/sec out of its interface.  I confirmed this with an FTP
> directly to the host a few minutes ago (after killing off the
> backups).
> Nothing is mentioned in /var/log/messages.  The switch claims the port
> is running at 100Mbits, full-duplex, as does the output of ifconfig.
> Suggestions?

I have several dozen fxp0 cards in production.. Intel cards have been
some of the most stable NICs I've used. That being said, problems do
happen. You'll need to isolate the problem. More or less in order of
invasiveness: Try the same host on a different switch port. Try the same
switch port with a different (known-good) cable. Try the same host with
a different NIC. If all of those produce identical sub-optimal results,
the problem may be with your FreeBSD configuration... at which point you
should let us know which release/patchlevel you're running, and what
else the box is doing if it isn't a dedicated backup machine. Also,
you'd do well to rule out other influences that may be placing undue
load on the box, like some runaway process that takes some time after
boot to grow large enough to slow the machine down. But, first things
first, try the first three suggestions.

- Ryan

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