Bash / Promise Controller

Stefan Malte Schumacher s.schumacher at
Mon Aug 4 07:18:30 PDT 2003

Hello Malcom 

I am verry Sorry I seem to have forgotten to include in my first mail that I am not
talking about xterm but about the plain virtual terminals. Nonetheless this
will be usefull once I begin to configure X. 

> I don't know anything about jed -- answer may be in the jed iniitialization 
> but more likely in the way xterm delivers these key combinations to it.
> This can probably be adjusted in the xterm resource (or .Xdefaults)

Btw : What kind of procmail-recipes are you (the people on this mailinglist)
using ? I have included TO and CC in my .procmailrc but a lot of mails which
have the mailinglist as second recipient or use the "X-Been-There"-Flag
still get delivered to my standard inbox.


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