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> I am new to Freebsd and have some questions concerning the settings of the
> bash shell under FreeBSD and the Kernel Configuration.
> 1. I have been using the bash under linux for years and I would like to
> configure in such a way under freebsd that it resembles my linux-settings
> close as possible. I have already installed the bash as default shell, but
> am stilg some things. I wolike ike to have colored ls-output and in jed
> nothing seems to be working. I cant acess the Menu with Alt+Key, Backspace
> does not work and I cant scroll down with page up /down. I also would like
> to be able to browse for example ls output with Shift-Page-Up/Down. How
> I achive this ? I have just noticed another weird phenomen : When I use
> via ssh arrow key down scrolls down until jed itselfs vanished in the
> part of the screen.
> 2.
> I am currently creating a custom kernel config. ( I have read the manual
> the handbook). But I still have some questions : What is with the modules
> Are options I comment out in the kernel automatically compiled as modules
> And does the GENERIC-File include all the possible kernel options ? I am a
> bit confused because I have not found an option for my Promise 133TX2.
> The Standard-Kernel recognizes it just fine. I also did not find even
> limited choices for sound card support.
> Thanks in Advance


I'm not sure about your first question but in answer to your second
questions... modules are built for every device by default, not just devices
which don't exist in your kernel config. As for your second question, no :)
GENERIC is just the config file for the GENERIC kernel, you will need to
look at LINT in the kernel config directory for all available options
(/usr/src/sys/i386/conf/LINT), if you're using 5.x I think you have to do
`make LINT` from /usr/src/sys/i386/ in order to get this file?

Hope that clears things up a bit.
I'm sure someone here will know the answers to your first questions :)


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