Bash / Promise Controller

Stefan Malte Schumacher s.schumacher at
Mon Aug 4 05:20:41 PDT 2003

I am new to Freebsd and have some questions concerning the settings of the
bash shell under FreeBSD and the Kernel Configuration.

1. I have been using the bash under linux for years and I would like to
configure in such a way under freebsd that it resembles my linux-settings as
close as possible. I have already installed the bash as default shell, but I
am stilg some things. I wolike ike to have colored ls-output and in jed
nothing seems to be working. I cant acess the Menu with Alt+Key, Backspace
does not work and I cant scroll down with page up /down. I also would like
to be able to browse for example ls output with Shift-Page-Up/Down. How can
I achive this ? I have just noticed another weird phenomen : When I use jed
via ssh arrow key down scrolls down until jed itselfs vanished in the upper
part of the screen. 

I am currently creating a custom kernel config. ( I have read the manual in
the handbook). But I still have some questions : What is with the modules ?
Are options I comment out in the kernel automatically compiled as modules ?
And does the GENERIC-File include all the possible kernel options ? I am a
bit confused because I have not found an option for my Promise 133TX2. 
The Standard-Kernel recognizes it just fine. I also did not find even
limited choices for sound card support. 

Thanks in Advance  

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