VerizonDSL woes

Java Weenie javaweenie at
Sun Apr 27 20:18:38 PDT 2003

First off, sorry if many copies of this went out, having some email 

I am running 4.7 - RELEASE-p5 and I am having trouble getting DSL working 
with Verizon in the Seattle area.

When I hook a Win box up to the line (without installing any software), it 
talks to the DHCP servers and I can surf as if I was on a lan.

They say the service is PPPoE, but couldn't get PPPoE working after 
following the Handbook.  Taking a chance, I went back to normal dhcp 
settings and when I do a "dhclient sis0" I get an ip no prob, and looking at 
routing msgs, I get the correct router (taken from winbox).  However, I 
cannot ping out anywhere, or do much of anything.  I have made sure my mtu 
is set at 1492 for that nic, but is hasn't helped.

Another oddity is setting the nic to dhcp in rc.conf did not acquire an ip, 
for some reason I need to manually fire dhclient.

Any ideas?


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