VerizonDSL woes

Derrick Ryalls ryallsd at
Sun Apr 27 22:06:05 PDT 2003

I finally got it working once I added a default gateway to rc.conf.  I
guess something is slightly fubar about their servers...

> I am running 4.7 - RELEASE-p5 and I am having trouble getting
> DSL working 
> with Verizon in the Seattle area.
> When I hook a Win box up to the line (without installing any
> software), it 
> talks to the DHCP servers and I can surf as if I was on a lan.
> They say the service is PPPoE, but couldn't get PPPoE working after
> following the Handbook.  Taking a chance, I went back to normal dhcp 
> settings and when I do a "dhclient sis0" I get an ip no prob, 
> and looking at 
> routing msgs, I get the correct router (taken from winbox).  
> However, I 
> cannot ping out anywhere, or do much of anything.  I have 
> made sure my mtu 
> is set at 1492 for that nic, but is hasn't helped.
> Another oddity is setting the nic to dhcp in rc.conf did not
> acquire an ip, 
> for some reason I need to manually fire dhclient.
> Any ideas?
> -Derrick

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