5.0-RELEASE, XL driver problem with ACLs

Stephen Cravey clists at www.gotbrains.org
Sun Apr 27 18:51:10 PDT 2003

I've recently decided to start testing ACLs. After a few false starts, I
figured out that I needed to do a 'tunefs -a enable'. As soon as I did it
and mounted the filesystem, my xl0 decided to go on vacation. If the
filesystem isn't mounted yet, there's no problem and the card works
perfectly.  As soon as I mount the filesystem, the lights on the card all
turn off and ifconfig shows the interface as being in hw-loopback.

If I use the xl1 interface (different card), xl0 seems to be fine as long
as it's not configured. Plug an ethernet cable into it and it lights up
and acts happy until it gets an IP address. At that point, It goes into
hw-loopback and the lights go out.

Basically, if ACLs are turned on on /usr AND the interface is configured,
the card goes into hw loopback and is unable to detect a live ethernet
cable. If ACLs are turned off or the interface is not configured, it works
fine. The problem being obviously that if it's not configured, it might as
well not be working otherwise.

I've found the errata mention of xl problems, but i'm foggy on why ACL's
would be affecting the xl driver. I'd love to be able to use the xl driver
from -CURRENT, but I need more stability that -CURRENT offers. If anyone

A. Tell why ACLs break the xl driver


B. Tell me how to get the -CURRENT xl driver running on -RELEASE

I would be very thankful.

I'm running GENERIC from 5.0-RELEASE. xl0 dies when it gets
configured. During the detection phase and preceding part of the boot
process, it seems to behave perfectly.



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