5.0-CURRENT: I/O error on mount_msdosfs for floppy disk

Eduardo Viruena Silva mrspock at esfm.ipn.mx
Mon Apr 28 00:00:34 PDT 2003

> Is anybody else having trouble mounting FAT-formatted floppy disks
> (normal,  3.5", 1440KB floppies -- even unused, pre-formatted ones) on
> 5.0-CURRENT?

yes, I am.

> Here's the output when I try to mount a FAT floppy (which reads/writes
> fine  under Win2k/XP - used as one of several backups for some
> schoolwork (though I  certainly don't trust my work to a single floppy,
> or a single media type in  general)):
> terminator# mount_msdosfs /dev/fd0 /floppy
> mount_msdosfs: /dev/fd0: Input/output error
> terminator#

yep.  I even cannot read floppies with mtools from the ports.
I'm not sure but it has been reported to be happening with
Intel motherboard [i815 and i850]

FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASEp10 works fine, 4.8-RELEASE too.

> I cvsup'd and rebuilt kernel and world 2 days ago, on April 25, but
> noticed  this problem a couple weeks ago...  My kernel config file has
> "device fdc" in  it.
> I'll take this question to the -current list pending a the response I
> get  here...  :)  Thanks!

I sent a pr, take a look at:


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