Problems setting up dual-boot

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Fri Apr 25 13:07:27 PDT 2003

> On Fri, 2003-04-25 at 13:28, Adam wrote:
> > Someone suggested modifying the Windows boot.ini file to do it, but I'm
> > not really sure how to do that either.
> Alright, I figured out how to do this. I copied /boot/boot1 to a floppy,
> put it on my Windows partition as boot.bsd, then added
> c:boot.bsd=3D"FreeBSD" to my boot.ini ..
> I get two options when starting my computer now, but selecting the
> FreeBSD option just causes the machine to reboot.
> Are all these problems just because the OS's are on different physical
> disks? Could it be because I added the 1024mb swap partition before /
> when I was going through the partition editor?

Root needs to be the 'a' partition (maybe not absolutely, but everything
seems to assume it is).  

> I'm really at a loss here ..

Sounds like you need to study the man pages for FreeBSD's fdisk and
disklabel carefully along with the handbook.


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