Using linux-jdx to build java ports?

Fernando Gleiser fgleiser at
Tue Apr 22 05:50:43 PDT 2003

On Tue, 22 Apr 2003, Simon Barner wrote:

> > Does anybody know how to tell the ports system to use Linux's JDK?
> As far as I understand things, the ports collection should take care of
> this and determine which java version you have installed (see
> ports/ for the implementation of this task).
> Somehow, the ports collection is not able to find the jdk on your system.
> My (wild) guesses are:
> 1. Your ports collection is not up-to-date
>    What's the output of ls -d /usr/local/*jdk*  ? Your linux jdk should be
>    something like "linux-sun-jdk1.3.1" (I think it used to be "linux-jdk1.3.1"
>    which is not recognized anymore).

Right! you hit the nail!. The ports collection is up-to-date, but the
linux-jdk was not. I had linux-jdk14, after deinstalling and installing
linux-sun-jdk14, everything works fine.

Thank you very much.


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