Configuring XFree on ProSavage DDR (VIA KM266) board?

Gabriel Ambuehl gaml at
Mon Apr 21 11:40:01 PDT 2003

from a project I have a left over Shuttle SK41G based on VIA KM266
chipset with features integrated ProSavageDDR graphics. I know that
XFree 4.3.X supports the chipset but by any means, I can't seem to be
able to figure out how to use it with resolutions higher than 640x480.
(whomever came up with the idea of mod lines deserves to be shot
anyway, why can't XFree just read the DDC information the monitor
supplies to it?? (currently a Acer AL712)).

Alternatively, I'd be quite happy if I could get the chip to display
800x600 on the TV out thru either svgalib or X as I want the box to
act as media hub.

Figuring that Linux would probably make for the better media player
environment (see MythTV, Freevo) I tried that too but X wouldn't work
either way. Sticking in another VGA card seems kinda wasted money if
the one on board already does everything I need save for the fact that
I can't seem to get it to work right (I know it does under Win but
there's nothing comparable to Freevo under win :-(.

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